Wesley Community Furniture

Recycled furniture and white goods for the community

Registered Charity No. 1116806


Our volunteers are vital to Wesley: the charity could not do what it does without volunteers; the charity was started by volunteers, is managed by a board of volunteer trustees, and most of our paid staff started as volunteers. 
There are several existing volunteer roles (and some we will create in future) in our shops, workshops, and on our vans, and with prospective volunteers we would like a little information to see what you can add to our team. Please give as much information as you can, but enthusiasm, energy and commitment is far more important to us than qualifications and formal work experience – so your personal interests, hobbies and non-paid work experience is at least as important as any formal training or work history. So please tell us about yourself!

Wesley can offer work experience in retail,customer service,reception work and goods handling. We can also offer training in first aid,health and safety and manual handling.

Please outline your previous experience, whether paid or unpaid, from your last 3 roles.





Please list all relevant qualifications you have obtained and include details of vocational or personal development courses you have undertaken (e.g. Driving Licenses, First Aid etc).

Qualification 1

Qualification 2

Qualification 3


Our operational times allow for a certain amount of flexibility (ideal, for example, for those with children in school), but really we would want a level of commitment that would make it worthwhile for both Wesley and you: ‘full’ days (a minimum of 5 hours, if possible) and as many days as you can do – we can discuss this when you come in for a chat. Many of our volunteers work Monday-Friday – and this not only helps us operationally, but it also gives people ‘real work experience’, very useful for job-hunting etc.

A few volunteers come in for just a few hours a week (retired, with other commitments etc.). We ask for a minimum of a 6 hour commitment/working day (we are looking to add a full service day to Saturdays in the near future). We cover out-of-pocket expenses (travel & sustenance), and provide essential safety wear. The Department of Work and Pensions values volunteering and sees it as one of the ‘Gateways to Work’, and so encourages it for people on JSA etc. – who can legally work with us as many hours/week as they like, as long as they can look for work and be free to attend interviews, sign on etc.

We have computer facilities that volunteers use for job searching, and we can give help & advice. We are registered with Job Centre Plus as a Work Experience and Volunteering Employer, and as a Seetec post Work Programme placement employer.